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CUA - Cámara Uruguay Australia

Chamber of Commerce Uruguay Australia
25 de Mayo 455, Montevideo.
We aren’t such an agile and dependable organization just because of our own team; we also have a fantastic network of partners who compliment our services and allow us to work harder, better, faster, and stronger. The Chamber is a non-profit association that promotes commercial, economic and cultural exchange between Uruguay and Australia through an effective service to our members. - Mr Alfredo Taullard - Chamber of Commerce (Montevideo)

Investment and export promotion agency - Uruguay

Investment and export promotion agency
Rincón 518, Montevideo – Uruguay
Our partners are the top companies in their own respective industries, We work to foster<br /> promote enhance foster exports, positioning Uruguay as an investment destination.<br /> A country such as Uruguay has large opportunities to grow outside its borders, attracting investment and promoting exports to countries around the world.

Connect Americas

Connect Americas
1300 New York Ave. N.W. Washington DC
The first online community in Latin America and the Caribbean to promote trade and overseas investment. Strategic partnerships allow companies to expand and specialize without limitations. Instead of spending a lot of money and time perfecting a new thing, we prefer to perfect our own services and call in the experts for other tasks when needed. We are the best financial consultants for our clients.

Inter-American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank
Rincón 640 esq. Bartolomé Mitre , Montevideo 1300 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20577, USA
The largest source of financing for development in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a solid commitment to achieve measurable results, with greater integrity, transparency and accountability. We have an evolving reform program that seeks to increase our impact on the development of the region. While we are a regular bank in many ways, we are also unique in some key aspects. In addition to the loans, we offer donations, technical assistance and research. Our shareholders are the 48 member countries, including the 26 borrowing member countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, which have a majority share of the IDB.
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